N Gauge Gresley Coaches 22/05/2019

New batch of Dapol N Gauge Gresley Coaches have been announced!

Expected Q4 2019, Pre-Order now for just £22.90 each

Ten new versions have been announced:

  • 2P-011-010 Gresley LNER Teak 3rd Class 60634
  • 2P-011-011 Gresley LNER Teak 3rd Class 60648
  • 2P-011-074 Gresley BR Maroon 2nd Class E12032E
  • 2P-011-075 Gresley BR Maroon 2nd Class E12053E
  • 2P-011-106 Gresley Coach LNER Teak 1st Class 318767
  • 2P-011-173 Gresley BR Maroon 1st Class E11036E
  • 2P-011-209 Gresley Coach LNER Teak Brake Composite 5531
  • 2P-011-273 Gresley BR Maroon Brake Composite E10081E
  • 2P-011-305 Gresley LNER teak Buffet 91218
  • 2P-011-372 Gresley BR Maroon Buffet E9035E


Dapol models several Gresley coach styles and livery options and include the following features:

  • Highly detailed body, underframe and bogies
  • NEM coupling as standard
  • Fine application of livery including teak effect

Sir Nigel Gresley (1876-1941) was one of the most prominent designers of the steam era of British railways. Although his locomotive designs are his best known works, Gresley also spent many years as a designer of coaches and carriages for the Great Northern Railway, which later merged to form the LNER. Gresley coaches were stylish and modern and set the standards for British transportation at the time. Dapol are proud to announce their 2019 additions to their Gresley coach range.