Heljan Class 86 Update 25/03/2019

Heljan's Class 86 AL6 project update!

In response to public demand, confirmed below are the planned running numbers, liveries, specification and price details for Heljan's eagerly-awaited OO gauge BR ‘AL6’, better known as Class 86/0.

Rails Price: £161.45 with FREE UK Postage

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  • 8650 – BR Blue E3104 with red bufferbeams – as built
  • 8651 – BR Blue E3114 with small yellow warning panels and blue bufferbeams
  • 8652 – BR Blue E3178 with full yellow ends, white cab roof and red bufferbeams
  • 8653 – BR Rail Blue E3146 with double arrow logo, full yellow ends, white cab roof and black bufferbeams
  • 8654 – BR Rail Blue E3156 with double arrow logo and full yellow ends
  • 8655 – BR Rail Blue 86036 with double arrow logo, full yellow ends and orange cantrail stripes
  • 8656 – BR Rail Blue 86034 with double arrow logo, full yellow ends WEATHERED

Featuring a revised and backdated bodyshell, bogies, wheels and underframe and an all-new finescale pantograph, the model will build on previous editions from a few years ago to provide models for the key 1965-80 period. Never previously available in ready-to-run OO gauge form, the models will cover variations on the original BR blue colour scheme applied from new and BR Rail Blue, which was applied from the late-1960s onwards. The model has been designed to represent ‘as built’ locos and post-1973 examples with sanding gear fitted.

The new HELJAN Class 86/0 will also feature our renowned high-performance chassis with all-wheel drive and all-wheel pick-up, LED illuminated headcode panels and tail lights, a 21-pin DCC decoder interface and provision for DCC sound. Running samples are now being tested on DC analogue and DCC to ensure they meet our specification. A number of minor improvements have also been requested, based on close inspection of the engineering samples.