Terrier Update 15/03/2019

Terrier Sample Update

We are pleased to confirm that the samples are in the air to us. The latest tracking shows they will arrive on Tuesday. Once they arrive we will begin evaluating, reviewing and reporting all samples. Once our detailed inspection and review has been completed and we are happy we will then publish the image/s.

We understand many of you are as keen to see these samples as we are but please bear with us whilst the detailed evaluation takes place.

We are aware that we have shared no updates recently but we have been busy behind the scenes making sure the model will be a real show stopper.

Following the great success of our award winning Dynamometer Car (BRM, Hornby Magazine & Model Rail Coach of the Year) we anticipate once again to raise the bar with this stunning model. Many hours of research and development have been put into the project to ensure it is the most accurate Terrier model ever to have been produced, with detail and specification unbeatable.

Features include:

Powerful 5 pole skew wound motor

Realistic firebox glow

Diecast chassis and running plate

Detailed plastic moulded body

Many separately fitted parts

Diecast wheels are fitted with turned metal tyres

Sprung centre driving wheels to give compensation providing all wheel electrical pick up and better traction

DCC and sound Ready with easy access through a removable body which exposes a NEXT-18 socket

DCC and DCC Sound Fitted variants using Dapol’s own sound recording of 32678 on the Kent and East Sussex Railway

*Factory sound fitted locomotives will feature RealDrive braking control

Don't settle for anything less than a pedigree Terrier!

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