Terrier Update 28/11/2019

Latest update:

With our exclusive Terriers now in production and the latest batch of samples arriving we couldn't hold the excitement any longer, We are pleased to announce six additional variants including the highly requested Isle of Wight versions!

All models are in production now and will be available December onwards.

View the full range of Terriers available to Pre-Order HERE

Be aware, as we have stated before, these are only samples which have been heavily handled, poked and pulled (they also arrive unboxed in bubble wrap ).

Dapol have really taken their time with the review process, going over each sample with a fine-tooth comb and making sure everything is correct, down to the finest detail.

We aim to publish images in the next week where we also can share some further good news.

Features include:

  • Powerful 5 pole skew wound motor
  • Realistic firebox glow
  • Diecast chassis and running plate
  • Detailed plastic moulded body
  • Many separately fitted parts
  • Diecast wheels are fitted with turned metal tyres
  • Sprung centre driving wheels to give compensation providing all wheel electrical pick up and better traction
  • Speaker Pre-fitted
  • DCC and sound Ready with easy access through a removable body which exposes a NEXT-18 socket
  • DCC and DCC Sound Fitted variants using Dapol’s own sound recording of 32678 on the Kent and East Sussex Railway

*Factory sound fitted locomotives will feature RealDrive braking control

Don't settle for anything less than a pedigree Terrier!

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All images copyright Rails of Sheffield / Dapol / NRM