Incoming Oxford Rail 07/12/2018

Some new items are on the way to us and due in stock next week from Oxford Rail!

the following models will be arriving with you during next week:

Code Description

OR763TO001 Mk 3a Coach TSO BR Blue & Grey M12056

OR763TO001B Mk3a Coach TSO BR Blue & Grey M12068

OR763TO001C Mk3a Coach TSO BR Blue & Grey M12070

OR76MW4001W Weathered North British - 4 Plank Mineral Wagon

OR76MW4002W Weathered R.Taylor & Sons Ltd - 4 Plank Mineral Wagon

OR76MW7019W Weathered Phillips George & Co 251 - 7 Plank Mineral Wagon

OR76MW7020W Weathered Barton and Co No. 321 - 7 Plank Mineral Wagon


I know that many of us are eagerly awaiting the N7 locomotive, the first version should be with us early in the New Year, the container is due to land in the UK over the Festive Period.