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Posted by Chris Milnes on

In what has been a few weeks of great change we wanted to give everyone an update on how things are going with the switch over and outstanding issues.

We have not just upgraded to a new website but a new warehousing and dispatch system. Previously the customer service team had been performing heroics manually typing in every address from our system into our shipping partners system and printing off the labels. As our growth has continued the last few years this was becoming increasingly untenable and with covid limiting our options to hire more staff due to space restrictions this change was much needed.

We thank you for all your kind emails and for the help in pointing out the odd wrinkle in the new system. We have already fixed several minor issues and will continue to work hard to try and provide the best website experience in the hobby. 


Outstanding Pre-orders are shown in the Pre-Orders tab in the Pre-Order section. Going forward any open orders from the old website not shipped out will now also appear in this section.

Wish lists

The data is almost complete and hopefully will be imported before the end of this week.

Customer credit

We are now using gifts vouchers for customer credit. If you would like to use a gift voucher for a pre-order you will need to do this over the phone.

If you have customer credit you can still use this on pre-orders. If you would like to transfer your customer credit to a gift voucher please get in touch with our customer service team.


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