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Prices have been confirmed on The Titfield Thunderbolt Standard and Deluxe Train Packs!

This pack contains sound-fitted Thunderbolt locomotive, 'Loriot Y’ flat wagon with Dan’s House coach body, ‘Toad’ No. W68740, scale figures and commemorative booklet.

Our Price: £339.95 (RRP: £399.95)

922002 The Titfield Thunderbolt Standard Pack
This pack contains DCC-ready/silent Thunderbolt, ‘Loriot Y’ plus Dan’s House and ‘Toad’ No. W68740 but not the figures or booklet. 

Our Price: £254.95 (RRP: £299.95)


Prices are still to be confirmed of the Bedford OB coach in Pearce & Crump livery from The Titfield Thunderbolt (920001). This should be finished early in the new year. Now that Rapido UK design team has finished work on the ‘Loriot’ and the ‘Toad’, they’ve started work on the Wisbech & Upwell tramcar. This forms the basis of the final pack (922003).
We will keep you updated prices for both 920001 and 922003 soon.
Not only as we taking orders for Thunderbolt but you can also get your order in for Lion too!
Rapido are producing the famous Liverpool & Manchester Railway 0-4-2 in two versions: one is as it starred in the LMR’s centenary celebrations in 1930 (after its rebuild at Crewe Works) and then in its 1980s condition. These have some period specific details that will not be found on Thunderbolt.
All versions feature die-cast metal and injection moulded plastic construction, a high quality motor and mechanism, Next18 decoder socket, NEM coupler pockets and a coupler that enables it to couple to other historic coaches from other manufacturers.
Lion (1930 Condition) features enclosed tender spring boxes, no pressure gauge and comes in LNWR green and Indian red livery.
There are two versions:
913001, DCC Ready/Silent £152.95 (RRP: £179.95)
913501, DCC/Sound-fitted  £237.95 (RRP: £279.95)
Lion (1980 Condition) features open tender spring boxes, firebox mounted pressure gauge, fireman’s toolbox, separately supplied loco and tender safety chains and comes in Ruston green and black livery.
There are two versions:
913002, DCC Ready/Silent  £152.95 (RRP: £179.95)
913502, DCC Sound-fitted  £237.95 (RRP: £279.95)
Choose your ‘Loriot Y’
We’re also delighted to announce that we’re also able to start taking orders for the non-Titfield versions of Rapido's ‘Loriot Y’ machinery truck. The GWR built just two of these unusual looking vehicles to Diagram G39, No. 41989 in 1937 and No. 41990 in 1939.
The model features injection moulded and die-cast construction with separately fitted detail parts, metal bearings for smooth running, NEM coupler pockets and additional tie-down points to reflect key periods in these vehicles’ careers.
There are three to choose from:
Priced at £33.95 each (RRP: £39.95)
We will open the order book for non-Titfield 'Toad' brakevans early in the new year.

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