Rapido Gunpowder Vans

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Rapido Trains UK updates continue to be thick and fast! Today its some images of the range of Gunpowder Vans. Production is well underway and Rapido hope these will be on their way very shortly!


The railway companies were once responsible for the movement of gunpowder to military establishments, mines and quarries and they built special vans to carry it safely.

Gunpowder vans were run in Rapido Trains is to finally fulfil its promise to produce a gunpowder van in ‘OO’ to 21st Century standards.

Gunpowder Vans were run in ordinary goods trains.

Their all metal, low-height bodies that were lined internally with wood.

Only authorised staff could open the doors and special over-boots were provided to ensure that no sparks were created.

Here’s the specification of our ‘OO’ gauge model:

• Three versions: BR Diagram 1/260, GWR Dia. Z4, Railway Clearing • Housestandard design
• Different doors, buffing gear, brake gear
• Metal wheels
• NEM coupler pockets
• Lots of fine, separately fitted details
• TEN different liveries

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