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Posted by Chris Milnes on

Welcome to the new Rails of Sheffield Website!

This is an exciting new beginning for us and we hope to offer you many further improvements over the coming months and years. A few of the many improvements the new site has given us...

  • A much faster checkout process
  • Guest checkout.
  • Better navigation with the menu system well as many under the hood improvements that will help us work towards getting your loco's to you even quicker and more efficiently.

There are some changes to how things work, explained below.

  • Don't panic.. we have all your existing open orders in the old system and will dispatch them as normal, sadly we could not transfer these to the new system. existing open Pre-order's can be viewed (see below).
  • Pre-orders items are now purchased separately from in stock or on order items. There is a separate basket and checkout process for them. You can view your unfulfilled pre-orders and pre-order basket by clicking on 'Pre-orders' above the menu. 
  • To change you Pre-order payment method or to use store credit or a gift voucher (new system or old) please call our customer service team.
  • Going forward we will be giving store credit out on our new Gift card/Voucher system. Please contact us when needed and we can swap your existing store credit or gift voucher for one on the new system.
  • We will be importing your existing Wishlist items this week. 
  • Excluding payment for pre-orders, payment is now taken at time of checkout rather than dispatch. This means you can sort out if a card is declined rather than having to be contacted by us.

I hope you enjoy the new site, we plan further tweaks in the next few weeks so please bear with us if you experience any inconvenience. 

Please note: If you previously had an account with us, you will shortly be receiving a email asking you to "Activate your account". This will transfer your contact information over to the new system.


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