Exclusive CAIB PCA Wagon

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We are pleased to share images of our forthcoming Accurascale OO Gauge "CAIB" STS PCA Bulk Cement Wagon.

This is an early production sample and various amendments will be made to final production models.

This wagon is exclusive to Rails of Sheffield and limited to just 250 pieces. It comes complete with certificate and is supplied in unique Rails packaging.


Expected Q2 2022

Common Features:

  • Individual lettering, logos and codes from real wagons for total authenticity
  • NEM Standard Flexible Coupler Pockets
  • NEM Narrow Tension Lock Couplers Provided
  • RP25.110 darkened profile wheel-sets with 14.4mm back to backs
  • Metal disc wagon wheels on metal axles - 12.6mm
  • Etched Steel factory fitted detailing, ladders and walkways
  • Extra fine factory fitted detail plastic parts
  • Extra fine factory fitted Pipework
  • Metal, fully sprung scale buffers
  • Added weight for NEM Standard 25g per Axle

The second batch of wagons were built for Storage & Transport Services (STS) for general purpose hire - most were used on traffic for Rugby cement although in later years ownership changed to that of CAIB UK. These were numbered STS 10600 - 651 a total of 52 wagons. During 1992 the wagons were all in store at the following locations; Selby 38, Westbury 12, Horbury 1 and Peak Forest 1. Most of these wagons now operate from Ketton for Castle Cement alongside the third batch of wagons noted below - only 10623 remains in storage at Marcroft Wagon Works, Stoke-on-Trent.

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