Dapol O Gauge Class 122

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On Thursday we received the O Gauge Class 122 Bubble Cars
Late on Friday we received the DCC Fitted versions, priced at £289.42.

In stock now!




Five versions received:

7D-015-001 - Class 122 55002 BR Blue Grey

7D-015-002 - Class 122 55000 BR Green (Small Yellow Panels)

7D-015-003 - Class 122 55012 Regional Railways

7D-015-004 - Class 122 55006 BR Blue

7D-015-005 - Class 122 55004 BR Green (Speed Whiskers)


  • 3 buffer types
  • 3 exhaust types
  • Separate grab handles on passenger doors
  • Separate etched grills for guards windows
  • Exquisite passenger compartment detailing
  • Two roof types (large box and small box types)
  • Dual motorised power bogies with all wheel pickup
  • Multi speaker factory fitted sound system on board
  • Interior detail inside guards area with separate lighting
  • Heavy Diecast chassis for added weight and superior tractive effort
  • High level of detailing on the bogies and underframe of the locomotive
  • Two sides with high passenger grab handles and low passenger grab handles
  • Switches accessible either by easily removable roof or from underneath the model
  • Lowered flooring to minimise the intrusion of the DCC speaker etc inside the model
  • Headcode and destination boxes with removable glazing permitting number to be mounted behind glazing
  • Provision for 3 chassis types (additional side steps and varying underframe detail and flat, single driver ended design)
  • Independently controllable cab, passenger compartment, guard compartment and directional lighting—easy access switches for controlling lights in DC model


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