Dapol N Gauge M7 Update

Posted by Warren Bennett on

Dapol have provided the below update on the forthcoming N Gauge M7 range:
The design team have been working hard to provide the much requested DCC functionality to this model. The following solution has been decided upon.
To avoid sacrificing the open cab and internal detail, as well a retaining the choice of adding a crew due to the combined bulk of plugin decoder and socket, the model is DCC 'friendly'.
A PCB is located in the bunker and pickup and motor connections are terminated on this. It is a simple matter to replace the PCB with a 'wired' micro decoder by making 4 solder connections. DC only users do not need to make any changes.
Factory fitted options have now been offered by Dapol for pre order, all vesions of the M7 whether analogue or DCC fitted can be pre ordered at the below link:


Expected features:
- Highly detailed body with many separately added parts
- Expertly applied liveries
- Die-cast wheels
- Die-cast chassis
- Keyed axles (similar to the Dapol N Gauge A4/A3) to prevent quartering slippage
- Improved power path from rear pony wipers improved with contact plates
- 48g in weight giving this little locomotive a very impressive haulage capacity.
- 3 pole can motor providing smooth slow speed running and a realistic top speed.

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