15XX Pannier Tanks

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Rapido OO Gauge 15XX Pannier Tanks Prototype Samples

Check the range out HERE

Update from Rapido:
If you’re wondering why it looks a little angular, that’s because this is not an Engineering Prototype but a 3D printed sample produced from the design files.
The first stage with assessing any model is studying the computer design file. Once you get used to looking at a CAD file, it becomes much easier to spot mistakes or areas that don’t look quite right.
But the problem with looking at a CAD file is that it’s little more than pixels on a screen. It can be very difficult to see how the multicoloured image will look as a physical thing and whilst not perfect s 3D print gives us a representation of how the model will look in the flesh.
We’ll double check that everything looks shipshape and Swindon fashion before we approve the factory to start making the moulds any day now!

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